Okay, why is this big news, you ask?  Because never before in Mississippi have consumers been able to taste wine at the same location they shop for wine.  But, because we have a great, wine-savvy restaurant, Local 463, next door and with a courtyard between us, we have been invited to participate in Saturday afternoon wine tastings in the courtyard to educate consumers on what is available locally!

This will not be a seated demonstration or presentation of wines with a start and end time.  Instead, you will be able to come by at your convenience anytime from 1:00 – 5:00 on Saturday afternoons to taste whatever wines or spirits we are interested in showcasing that week.

The fun is set to begin on the first Saturday of March, the 3rd of March that is, weather permitting.  We will taste wine each Saturday that weather permits or that our event schedule permits.  You will be able to find out from our website and Facebook page if there will be a tasting each week by Saturday morning at the latest.  Tell your friends no matter where they live to come be a part of our Saturday tastings in the courtyard!

Update: Well, folks, so much for progress.  It appears that a couple of our competitors who are jealous of our proximity to a restaurant, have been blowing up the phones at the good ol’ ABC, who has in turn asked us to stop educating consumers on product choices!  Just another example of government run amok.

I have been leading wine tastings in restaurants from Southaven to Biloxi and everywhere in between for more than a decade now.  All done just as the law prescribes – at a permitted establishment.  But now, because I am a retailer, the ABC says no – can’t do it.  Never mind that the Mississippi statute dealing with this says “no matter who the sponsor is, it must be done at a permitted establishment”.

The funny thing is, the jealous competitors who complained will never be on a level playing field with Colony Wine Market because they’ll never be able to match our selection, service and product knowledge.  And for those reasons, every year that passes, fewer and fewer people will shop at Joe T’s.