Legendary California vintners Roy Cecchetti and Bob Broman have teamed up once again to create a wine company that produces consistent, top quality, value-priced wines at a time when everyone needs good value!  First there was Redtree and Line 39 and now Backhouse.

Folks, these wines are well made and can be had for a song.  Okay, $7.99 really.  Backhouse comes in Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon bottlings.  I have shown these wines at various fundraisers around the city lately and they have been a huge hit.

The whites are not typical of this price point.  They are both crisp and fresh with clean fruit flavors and zippy acidity, making them good food wines.  The Pinot Noir is also very true to its varietal character.  It is light and fresh showing tart cherry, black cherry and smoke.  The Cabernet is a real crowd pleaser!  It shows juicy black currant fruit and very little tannin making it an easy drinking Cab.

Perfect for entertaining big crowds during the holidays, Backhouse is flying out of our shop by the case!  Call or come by for you own case today!