So, what is this rum and why is it spelled funny?  Rhum is the French spelling of rum which probably tells you that these rhums are made on the French colonies of Martinique and Guadalupe.  The word agricole lets you know that these beautiful spirits are distilled from an agricultural product rather than a processed product.  Raw sugar cane is the distallate rather than the byproduct of sugar cane, molasses.  So instead of the rich, almost sweet flavors of those rums, agricole rums are light, bright, grassy, vegetal and sometimes funky!

They are such a breath of fresh air in the rum category for me and I have been enjoying them neat and with a little ice, shaken in cocktails alone and paired with other rums.  The quintessential rhum cocktail is the Ti’ Punch as they call it in Martinique, but this very cocktail is made all over the Caribbean and called by different names like daiquiri.  It is as simple and delicious as a cocktail can be as it is made with just three ingredients – rhum, Caribbean cane syrup and fresh lime juice!

Ti’ Punch

1-3/4 ounce rhum agricole

1/4 ounce syrup

juice of 1/2 medium lime

Shake thoroughly over ice with a disc of lime for dilution and release of lime oil.  Pour into a glass and enjoy!