Wine PairingFish and Pinot Gris? New York Strip and Barolo? We have the solutions. Our focus is on wine as a part of the overall approach to enjoying life. Everyday, more and more of us here in the New World are discovering that wine can and should be a part of your every dining experience. Wine and food go together like sand and sea, like fall and football, like Fred and Ginger! Its just a matter of simple chemistry. The tired, old way of wine and food pairing was simply to pair white wines with seafood and red wines with meat. Whilst this does hold true, it bores me. A much better (and more exciting) way to look at it is to pair light, delicate dishes with lighter, more delicate styled wines and heartier foods with heartier wines. For an example let us look at a filet of salmon. Salmon, although a fish, is a hearty, oily fish with a very pronounced flavor. But, the wine pairing depends on the preparation and finishing of the dish. Bake the salmon and finish it with a dill cream sauce and you should pair it with a heartier white wine like chardonnay or viognier. But, throw the salmon on the grill and now you have added char and smoke flavors and I would pair a lighter style red wine like Pinot Noir. Drop in and ask us. We’ll help you pick the perfect wine for your culinary vision.

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