With an eye toward winter holiday food and while summer’s bounty can still be found fresh, I am trying to eat as many fresh, local vegetables as I can.  Of course, you will need a wine to drink with them and perhaps the perfect summer wine is a dry rosé.  Yes, these wines are pink, but don’t confuse them with White Zinfandel or the sweeter blush category of wines. 

Rosé wines should be considered delicate versions of red wines that are fermented totally dry and served cold like a white wine.  To make a pink wine you start with a red grape, allowing only minimal skin contact to get lighter color and flavors.   Instead of dark berry flavors like you will find in most red wines, rosé wines will show lighter, red berry and melon flavors like strawberry, cranberry, pomegranate, and watermelon.  How’s that for refreshing?

And it just so happen that these wines are extremely versatile when paired with food.  They go especially well with grilled vegetables, pasta salads and cured meats and cheeses.  While it’s still hot outside and fresh veggies are still around try your favorite pasta salad with fresh veg, roasted garlic and a good olive oil.  Then open a bottle of good rosé and enjoy!

Recommended wines:

La Vielle Ferme, Ventoux     $9.99

Crossbarn, Sonoma Coast     $20.99 – Sale $18.00

Belle Glos, Sonoma Coast     $18.99 – Sale $16.00

Musar “Jeune”, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon     $17.99

Miraval, Cote de Provence     $24.99