karly pokerville zinfandelWhen you’re out at Kroger picking up some meat to throw on the barbie this Independence Day, don’t forget to stop by our shop and pick up a couple or three bottles of Zinfandel.   No, I’m not talking about White Zinfandel, the sickly sweet stuff that leaves you feeling like you just drank a bottle of liquefied candy.  Zinfandel is a red grape of European origin that is most famously California’s contribution to the wine world.

Wines made from Zinfandel can range in style from a dry rose’ to a big, dark, zesty red.  They can exhibit all sorts of heady aromas and flavors like plum, raspberry, blackberry liqueur, chocolate, and various baking spices.  It can be bold and zesty or light and fruity, but it is always the wine to drink with anything you decide to slather with BBQ sauce!

One of my absolute favorite pairings is Karly’s Pokerville Zinfandel, Amador County ($12.99) with slow-smoked wet ribs.  Karly makes four different Zins and all but one of them sees no time in oak barrel.  So, what you get is a wine that shows pure raspberry and plum flavors with no oak spice.  It is a perfect match with the sweet, tangy flavors of a tomato based barbeque sauce.

And because Zinfandel can be quite high in alcohol, it is even more important to serve them, as you should any red wine, at ambient cellar temperature (55 to 59 degrees) rather than room temperature.

Enjoy the Summer Folks.