So, this concoction was a big hit at Madison’s Night Out last evening.  And yes, I did spend two and half hours extracting the juice from three large watermelons, straining it twice and muddling basil in it.  We also added sliced

cucumbers at the end.  It was all worth it as the final product when mixed with a citrusy gin like Tanqueray or New Amsterdam was very tasty and very refreshing. (I also like this mixed with Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka!)


Fresh Watermelon Juice

Fresh Basil

Fresh Cucumbers

Good gin that is not too pronounced with Juniper


In a pitcher muddle fresh basil in fresh watermelon juice.  Add a few slices of cucumber and let it rest for a few hours covered in the refrigerator.  In a tall glass filled with ice, pour in 1-3/4 ounces of gin and fill to the top with the juice.  Pour it back and forth into a larger plastic cup a few times or shake it to mix it appropriately.  Enjoy it while patting yourself on the back for taking the time to use fresh watermelon juice!