Bastille is a hand-crafted French Whisky distilled by Master Distiller Jean-Marc Daucourt.  Made of primarily barley and small amounts of wheat, this whiskey is produced in the southwest of France (near Cognac) where it is filtered through Grande Champagne Limestone.  The whiskey is matured in a combination of French Oak, Cherry, and Acacia wood casks giving it a very unique flavor, unlike any I’ve had the chance to taste.  Coming in right at $30, this whisky is a must buy for the whisky enthusiast.

On the nose, Bastille gives off a light floral aspect, and a fruity presence that immediately emerges from the glass.  Accompanying the floral aromas is a subtle Highland Scotch scent.  On the palate, dried apricots and peach cobbler dominate with a hint of peppery spice.  Immediately after, you’ll experience a malty taste, followed by the floral fruity aspects you previously noticed.

With its light-medium body, this whisky would be best served neat.  Any water or ice would dilute too much of the flavor, and leave the whisky lacking complexity.