Okay, I’ll admit that when I was first offered these Virginia wines which, well, aren’t inexpensive, I had to laugh a little.  How in the heck can I sell Virginia wines at these prices, I thought?  And, then I tasted them.  Wow!

Barboursville Vineyards, just north of Charlottesville is not only the best wine producer in Virginia, but they make world class wines that can stand up to the best anywhere.  For example, their Viognier is the best that I have tasted  outside of Condrieu in France’s Rhone(where the world’s best Viognier is made).   And since a bottle of Condrieu ranges in price from $60 – $125, Barboursville is a steal at $27!

If you want red, we have two from Barboursville – a Cabernet Franc ($28) and a Bordeaux-styled blend called Octagon ($46).  Both are very Bordeaux-like and reminiscent of St. Emilion showing great elegance and food friendliness.  All three of these wines would be great to share with family and friends over holiday meals.

The Barboursville estate home is famous for being one of only three homes designed by Thomas Jefferson and its great octagonal room inspired the name of their best wine.  The winery was founded in 1976 by Italian wine producer Gianni Zonin.  They also produce several wines from Italian varietals that I look forward to tasting in the future.  Cheers!